Recipes create a playground for food. I like to throw together whatever fresh ingredients I have in my home and then just create something on the fly. Many of the recipes on the Happy & Healthy blog have been created like that.

I love food and how it brings people together. Food makes us happy. Healthy food not only makes our taste buds happy but also our entire body – internally and externally. It gives us mental clarity, enhances our mood and creates the pathway to the perfect weight that all of us desire.

Happy & Healthy recipes are mostly sugar-free, gluten-free and filled with nutritious goodness! We love raw food and superfoods because they provide the body with so much vibrance. There is also a collection of recipes especially devoted to Paleo fans to keep the carbs and sugar overloading at bay.

The recipes are quick and easy to accommodate your busy schedule whether you have a family or are a corporate yuppie on the go. May you find inspiration, joy and happiness in these healthy recipes!

Recipe Index

Low Carb / Paleo

Almond chocolate fudge
Chia Berry Breakfast Bowl
Coconut Chicken Balls
Exotic Summer Salad
Fennel & Apple Green Salad
Healthy Birthday Party Boxes
Almond Coconut Biscuits
Chocolate grain-free granola
Sugar-free Cheesecake
Modern Greek Salad & Cucumber Yogurt Dressing
Chocolate Mint Milkshake
Salmon, Asparagus & Hollandaise Sauce
Grilled Salmon & Fennel
Tripple Berry Smoothie
Raw Chocolate Sauce
Protein Super-Berry Smoothie
The Ultimate Weight Loss Smoothie
Roasted Broccoli & Edamame Soup
Flavour-burst Pesto & Salmon Fillets
Seed Crackers
Ricotta & Zucchini Breakfast Cake
Activated Nuts
Maca Balls
Pumpkin Pie Shake
Cucumber & Dill Salad Dressing
Weight Loss Green Smoothie
Watercress & Rocket Sauce for Beef Fillet
Easy Gluten-Free Bread
Kale, Avocado & Miso Salad
Roasted Honey & Hazelnut Chicken
Marinated Feta & Mushroom
Basil Pesto
Cauliflower & Cream Cheese Soup
Red Curry Chicken Salad With Salsa Verde
Coriander Fish Curry
Wheat-free Flatbreads
Quinoa Tabouleh
Quinoa, Sunflower Seed & Tomato Salad
White Bean Detox Salad
Rocket, Avocado & Lime Dip
Leek & Chicken Coconut Curry
Strawberry, Avocado & Walnut Salad
Quick Tomato Salad
Fine Bean, Carrot & Sesame Salad
Chickpea Snacks
Zesty Avocado & Roasted Walnuts Salad
Smoked Chicken, Goat's Cheese & Grilled Tomato Salad
Summer Asparagus & Halloumi Salad
Tuna with Wasabi Dressing & Nori Crisps
Balsamic Steak Salad
Cabbage Noodles
Warm Thai Beef Salad
Bacon Breakfast Cakes
Strawberry Oatmeal
Home-made Iced Chai Tea Latte
Lemon & Ginger Iced Zing
Creamy Yogurt & Berry Whip
Strawberry & Apple Green Smoothie
Butternut, Orange & Almond Salad
Cheeky Chickpea Salad
French bean, Hazelnut & Orange Salad
Rocket & Almond Pesto
Green Eggs
Fresh Tomato, Chickpea & Rosemary Soup
Creamy Mushroom Soup
Pan-fried Salmon & Beetroot Quinoa
Super Strawberry Shake
Grapefruit, Fennel & Avocado Salad
Basic Roasted Chicken
Avocado, Quinoa & Edamame Salad
Healthy Waldorf Salad


Raw Food

Almond chocolate fudge
Exotic Summer Salad
Raw Melon & Salmon Salad
Raw Chocolate Ice Box
Fennel & Apple Green Salad
Raw Mango Tart
Red Summer Smoothie
Healthy Goji Goji Lollies
Green Mojito Smoothie
Chocolate Mint Milkshake
Spinach & Fennel Green Smoothie
Tripple Berry Smoothie
Raw Chocolate Sauce
Super Green Smoothie
Protein Super-Berry Smoothie
The Ultimate Weight Loss Smoothie
Sugar-free Choc Chip Milkshake
Raw Marinated Baby Marrows
Sugar-free Hazelnut Praline Fudge
Sugar-free Iced Coffee Latte
Pineapple & Berry Green Smoothie
Raw Almond Truffles
Raw Weight Loss Crackers
Sugar-free Berrylicious Sauce
Green Protein Brain Power Smoothie
Make Your Own: Almond Milk
Raw Chocolate Tart
Activated Nuts
Pumpkin Pie Shake
Weight Loss Green Smoothie
Kale, Avocado & Miso Salad
Rainbow Salad
Mango Custard
Almond & Kale Smoothie
Hide-Me Green Smoothie
Rainbow Lollies
Mango Smoothie
Detox Juice
Raw Chocolate Shake
Raw Chocolates
Good Night Juice
Healthy Ladybird Birthday Cake
Raw Cucumber & Mint Soup
Strawberry Soother Smoothie
Papaya & Banana Smoothie
Raw Vitality Salad
Almond Shake
Mango & Berry Delight
Passion Fruit Smoothie
Pomegranate Ice
Kale Chips
Pineapple Green Smoothie
Baobab Cocoa Smoothie
Kale, Berry & Peach Smoothie
Frozen Watermelon Ices
Mint Melon Smoothie
Creamy Mint Smoothie
Creamy Yogurt & Berry Whip
Strawberry & Apple Green Smoothie
Fennel Fusion
Green Mint Smoothie
Summer Smoothie
Apple, Raspberry & Rose Water Smoothie
Skin Tonic Juice
Watermelon & Mint Summer Smoothie
Chocco Omega Milk
Raw Watermelon & Basil Gazpacho
Strawberry & Mango Smoothie
Mixed Salad Juice
Raw Muesli
Melon Smoothie
Super Strawberry Shake
Grapefruit, Fennel & Avocado Salad
Fruit Cocktail Smoothie
Raw Vanilla Maple Ice Cream


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