Bad eating habits


They say that habits are formed in 21 days. What? Only 21 days? That means that change is totally possible! Breaking old habits have the ability to make us feel hopeless. “Well, I’ve been struggling with this for 10 years. How will I ever overcome it?” The answer is, you need to be super intentional. You need to make wise choices. Have those choices written out on a piece of paper in stick it on 10 different places so that you are constantly reminding yourself about it. Yes, sticky notes on the fridge, behind the toilet door and the passage way are great aids when trying to break bad habits.

Choices give you the ability to break bad habits.

Topic No. 1: How to deal with bad EATING habits?

1. Identify your bad eating habits. What are the main stumbling blocks in your family’s health? Start to remove it gradually. Do you consume fizzy drinks with every meal? 2 chocolate bars daily? Do you pack sweets in the lunch boxes? Do you eat pizza 3 times a week?

2. Start to remove it gradually. Do you consume fizzy drinks with every meal? 2 chocolate bars daily? Do you pack sweets in the lunch boxes? Do you eat pizza 3 times a week? Cut down every week so that by the end of week 3, you changed your eating habits.

3. Get somebody to join you on your journey. If you can’t find somebody you know, join a group that will encourage you to reach your goals.

4. Clean your cupboards:

“Time to say good-bye” ingredients:

– Refined white sugar
– Table salt
– Fizzy drinks
– White bread products, which includes pizza, cakes, pastries, pasta and biscuits
– Processed meats and red meat
– Ice cream, sweets and chocolates
– Processed and prepackage foods with added sugar, salt and preservatives
– Caffeinated drinks (coffee, black teas and colas)
– Alcohol

Your “new best friend” ingredients:

– Fruit (lots of them)
– Leafy green vegetables
– Vegetables
– Fish
– Poultry
– Sprouts
– Beans
– Seeds
– Stoneground flours
– Grains
– See vegetables
– Raw nuts
– Fresh herbs and spices
– Natural sweeteners
– Herbal teas

Topic No. 2 Creating healthy eating habits for your family

It is possible to teach your children from a very young age about nutrition. You are not nasty mommy if you say “no” to certain foods. Teach your children the value of good nutrition and let them know why you have decided against that food. The important thing is to always have good alternatives at hand. And don’t break yourself, my oldest son is 9 years old and I have been telling him about healthy food since he was 6 weeks old and he is still running around the corner with a sweet from a party pack and eat it :-). That happens; just make sure it is the exception, rather than the rule.

When you made the decision to eat healthy, your body will start to adjust. It takes up to two years to correct the body, so be patient. Although it takes a few years to truly sort out the problems, along the way there is continual improvement in health and well-being.

The short-term benefits of living a healthy life are just as rewarding as the long term.

Starting out with your new habits, you might still crave the sugar and refined carbohydrates because your body is used to take your blood sugar levels on a hike, but in time you may even become repelled by the bad food and actually crave only good foods. Let”time to say goodbye” ingredients rather be and exception, than the norm. Personally, the foods that I am attracted to definitely changed since I changed my diet. If I am hungry now, I crave a smoothie instead of a muffin. I can distinguish between how it makes me feel afterwards and since I gained the knowledge about proper nutrition, I’d much rather treat my body the way it was designed to be taken care of in the first place.

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