Detoxing is one of those things that you get addicted to. Perhaps it is your body’s way of telling you it needs a “service”. One of the things that I enjoy most about a detox, is the binging the evening before the detox start! Then I feel it is allowed to cheat as much as possible, because tomorrow is a new day. It is a detox day! But seriously, I really love to detox. It makes my mind clear. I feel that I have something that challenges me. My skin radiates. I have much more energy. Most importantly, I always hope to lose a significant amount of weight.

Detox: the background

When you detox, it is important to eat a diet high in alkaline-forming foods. Alkaline-forming foods are high in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sulphur, phosphor, sodium and iron. These important minerals aids detoxification. Calcium, for instance, “catch” the toxic acids that your body releases. If you do not have sufficient levels of calcium in your body during detoxification, the acids can’t be bound and this causes you to feel really ill during your detox. The result is that your body will refuse to release toxins and thereby making is very difficult to lose weight, since acids and toxins are stored in fat cells. The other dangerous reaction to a calcium deficiency during your detox, is that your body re-absorbs the released toxins. One way of increasing your calcium levels is by increasing the amount of green vegetable juices, such as Barley Green during your detox. Barley Green contains 11 times more calcium than cow’s milk and it 66% alkaline.

The best way to detox

Popping some drugs, vitamins and supplements won’t do the trick. The best way to detox is to follow a food-based system to flush the body clean. When you eat fresh, healthy, living foods, it will remove built-up metabolic waste and then feed your cells with minerals, healthy bacteria and enzymes.

Many people lack sufficient exercise (to get the lymph moving and detoxify our bodies), natural sunlight (we need the Vitamin D that sunlight provide to break down cholesterol) and natural nutrients provided by living foods, we need to have a plan. That plan is called: Detoxification!

What can be expected during this period?

You might experience detox symptoms such as feeling bloated, headaches, tiredness and body pains initially. Other possible reaction might be diarrhoea, constipation, skin rashes, frequent urination and even catching a cold or flu. This will only last 3-5 days and then you will start to feel tip-top!

Why is a detox important in a weight loss program?

The body stores toxins in its fatty deposits. People may be carrying up to 4.5kg (up to 10 pounds) of unhealthy toxic wastes in their body. The body’s way of protecting itself from toxins is by trapping them in the form of mucus or fat. This is done to keep the toxins from causing dangerous immune reactions. This is only a short-term solution. If you don’t get rid of these toxins, sooner or later they will seep into your bloodstream and into cell membranes. This can cause tissue damage and will disturb the metabolic function (making it even harder to lose weight).

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