Since we’ve been young, ads will tell us to drink milk or eat yoghurt to boost our calcium levels. But does dairy products provide the best calcium?

The argument

The protein (casein) in milk is a lot more difficult to digest than the protein found in nuts or seeds. Cow’s milk was designed for cows, not humans! Your body actually uses more calcium to digest the milk, than what the milk provides for the body. The calcium argument is thus not a substantial reason to use milk.

Test yourself and your children and see whether any of you are dairy intolerant. If dairy intolerances pops up, remove it from your diet. Even if there are no negative reaction, it is wise to limit dairy intake and rather substitute it with something like nut milk.

Top tip:

If you really want to use yogurt, buy plain organic yogurt (without preservatives, stabilisers and colourants) and just mix in some raw honey to sweeten it, or a fresh fruit puree, made in your blender.

What exactly is the link between the consumption of dairy products and tonsillitis?

When a child, who is dairy intolerant, drinks milk or eats cheese or yoghurt, his body will respond by producing excess mucus to protect itself. This mucus is a rich breeding ground for bacteria, and once they are present, infection sets in. Removing the dairy products from the diet is the only answer. Without the excess mucus, the bacteria cannot thrive, and without the bacteria there is no infection.

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