At Happy & Healthy Co, we give you all the tools, tips and health hacks that you need to live your best life now. Online counselling and health coaching are available to help you get unstuck and become the best version of yourself.

Happy Mind

I am equally passionate about mental health and physical health. As a registered and trained professional counsellor, I use the principles of positive psychology to help you be a better version of yourself. Whenever I look at people, I see potential. Let me help you get unstuck and rewrite your story. Please visit for more information.

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Healthy Body

Healthy food makes me happy. I want to share that happiness with you and hopefully inspire you to discover how easy and fun it is to be healthy. As a certified health coach, I love to share some healthy recipes with you. I follow two rules when I develop recipes: it needs to taste really good and comply with the principles of clean eating.

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Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. You are creating yourself with every decision you make. And you’re making decisions every second of every day (including right now).

— George Bernard Shaw

Why trust me to help you?

We can’t deny it: life is messy. We tend to juggle too many things but refuse to slow down or give something up. It is very typical to hear these phrases: I feel drained… burned out… or, I don’t feel great. Although many things are beyond our control, our health and well-being are within our control. Everyone’s toolbox for optimal wellness looks different, so although there are no shortcuts to thriving health, clean eating helps you to regain control of your life. And this makes you happier.

My journey towards vibrant health started more than 20 years ago. Later, as a mother of 3 children, my passion for health intensified even more. I discovered that healthy eating is easier and more fun than most people think. I need to confess, when I say ‘clean’, it doesn’t mean our family follows a strict diet of only kale, kelp powder and wheatgrass. No, we eat pizzas on Fridays and enjoy ice creams on the beach on a hot summer’s day. The difference? We use clean eating as a baseline for our everyday food choices. Eating healthy is the norm, not the exception.

Healthy and delicious are not mutually exclusive concepts when it comes to food. That is why I have developed recipes that taste incredible and adhere to the fundamental principles of clean eating.

My passion for health is not only limited to healthy eating, but also to a healthy mindset. I am a registered and trained professional counsellor and a Certified Natural Health Coach. I hold a BSocSci (Honours) in Psychology (Cum Laude) from the South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP).

More importantly, I am a wife and mother of 3 children. I am eternally grateful to my husband and children for allowing me to test my principles and recipes on them. You showed me that food can be both healthy and yummy.

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Chané de Kock

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