Where did it all start?

It all started with a plum and a pomegranate. When I was a young girl, my mom used to take us to the supermarket after school. My first choice was obvious: a chocolate or soda (not very healthy, I know!). One day, she bought a punnet of plums. I tried it and fell in love with the red, ripe, delicious plums. I was converted.

Growing up, our farmyard had 3 pomegranate trees. I still have fond memories of throwing the ripe pomegranates to the ground and watching the big, juicy rubies scattering all over the place, leaving their trail of stains everywhere. It was heavenly. I discovered that there was something magical about fruit, unlike anything that I could get from traditional sweets. I was then that I discovered that eating healthy made me feel pure and refreshed.

It wasn’t until I had my first child that my role as mother and wife – and my view about healthy living – became inseparable. My firstborn child was diagnosed with eczema when he was 6 weeks old and was supposed to use cortisone cream to help him cope with it. It just didn’t feel right and I decided to passionately pursue a different direction by eating a sugar-, gluten- and dairy-free diet. I never looked back since.

I became fascinated with this wonder world of wholeness, and it was my passion to raise super healthy children. Over the last 10 years, I have raised 3 healthy children that were almost never sick. I developed loads of recipes that were easy, delicious and very healthy. This is the place where I am going to share my deep love for whole foods with you!

What is my (food) education?

I obtained my BA degree in South Africa, where I met my husband, but my passion for natural nutrition was rekindled shortly after I got married. As a result, I decided to enroll for the Natural Health Nutrition Course (NHN) offered by the International Academy of Natural Health and Wellness in South Africa. This is a 1-year full-time or 2-year part-time program which qualified me as a Certified Health Consultant. After I  completed this course I had a clearer understanding of how the body works, how to treat it and keep it free of disease. The series of lessons focused on how our diets and lifestyles determine our health and taught me the importance of taking responsibility for my own health in order to avoid degenerative diseases.

Why did I start this blog?

I have been in love with healthy food and whole living for over a decade and it infused so much joy in my life that I needed to share it. I am a real foodie and although I find it fascinating to dig deeper and discover new ways of nourishing my body, my favorite part of being healthy is developing new recipes. Recipes create a playground for food. I love food and how it brings people together. Food makes us happy. Healthy food not only makes our taste buds happy but also our entire body – internally and externally. The Happy & Healthy recipes are mostly sugar-free, gluten-free and filled with nutritious goodness! I love raw food and superfoods because they provide the body with so much vibrancy. There is also a collection of recipes especially devoted to Paleo (i.e. low-carb) fans to keep the carbs and sugar overloading at bay.

But this is not just another food blog. It focuses on wholeness – body, soul and spirit. I love to share some ideas to create and maintain healthy relationships in all walks of life and will address several other useful topics. Natural living also includes choosing household and beauty products that are natural and non-toxic. This blog will hopefully inspire you to live a healthy and happy life!

Where did I learn to cook?

I taught myself. I got married when I was 19 and didn’t even know how to bake an egg! I wanted to impress my husband, so I was reading through recipe books during my 1-hour lunch break at work every day (and another 2 hours before I went to bed as well!). Ever since that season in my life – 11 years ago now – the kitchen has been my happy place! Before I knew it, I was making gourmet desserts for weddings with more than 200 guests, simply because I loved to bake, but that was before my sugar-free days. Now, for the past 7 years, I created recipes that are sugar-, gluten- and diary-free.

My work / press

My passion for wholeness has driven me to unexpected territories in my life. I was Mrs. South Africa 2014 largely because I wanted to use the platform to inspire women to raise a healthy generation and inspire them to reach their potential. Being a wife and mother will always be my highest priority and while I do that, I love to write and share my passion for health and people on various mediums.

Most often you’ll find me in the kitchen experimenting with food. However, my ‘out-of-kitchen’ experiences include:

• Featuring in various magazines and newspapers and sharing my passion for health and healthy recipes, such as ‘Women & Home’,’Get It magazine’, ‘Baba en Kleuter’ and ‘Idees tydskrif’;
• Speaking on national radio multiple times;
• Private & group cooking demonstrations;
• Individual health consulting;
• Presenting 3-week Healthy eating courses to groups on topics such as weight loss, how to raise healthy children and how to create your own healthy recipes;
• Educating children at schools – and giving parents practical tips – about healthy eating habits.


Much love and blessings,



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