How To Quit Sugar E-book (57 Pages)

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In the ‘How To Quit Sugar E-book’, I will show you how to bring your sugar cravings under control. It is filled with practical tips to help you live a sugar-free life, enabling you to look better and healthier than you’ve ever been.

Inside the ‘How To Quit Sugar E-book’ (57 Pages)

  • The ‘Six C’s’ that will help you quit sugar
  • Sweet tooth no-no’s and healthy alternatives
  • Refined sugar and natural sweeteners
  • Sugar: friend or foe?
  • How much fruit am I allowed to eat when I’m trying to quit sugar?
  • ‘How To Quit Sugar’ Toolkit
    • Your Sugar-Free 1-Week Cheat Sheet
    • 22 Delicious Sugar-Free Recipes
    • 1-Week Meal Plan (Breakfast, Lunch / Dinner, Snacks & Dessert)
    • Combined Shopping List for the Week – Buy This And You’re Ready to Go!
    • Shopping Lists by Meal Type & Detailed Recipe Instructions
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