I love homeopathic alternatives to ordinary medicine. Nature has such a rich source of medicine and we need to dig into it! When my firstborn was 6 weeks old, he was diagnosed with severe eczema. The doctor suggested to use cortisone cream to help him cope with the symptoms. It just didn’t feel right. I decided to not follow the doctors advise and rather opt for natural options. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

I believe food is our medicine. I always aim to fix any cold, flu or sickness with a super healthy diet. But I do occasionally use homeopathic medicine to speed up the recovery. It is much more natural than over-the-counter medicine and I find that they assist your body beautifully in the healing process.

If you are not familiar with homeopathic medicine, the list below will be very helpful.

Homeopathic list

Acacia For stabbing pains in the back and for ankle problems
Acidum phosphoricum For children’s diarrhoea
Aconite For the sort of cold that you “catch” by getting chilled. Also for muscular strains and nasty cuts.
Allium cepa For acute, watering eyes, streaming type of cold.
Argentum nitricum For vertigo, fear of falling. Also before exams, public speaking, stage fright.
Arnica A very popular remedy to prevent and treat muscular stiffness. Also used to stop bruising after injury and speed post-traumatic sports injury recovery.
Arsenicum For the “run down”, and for fear and depression in the elderly.
Baryta carbonica For enlarged tonsils.
Bella donna For colds complicated by sore throats
Bryronia For rheumatism aggravated by cold, dry weather.
Calcarea carbonica For children who sweat profusely.
Capsicum For ear problems in children
Carbo vegetabilis For wind and gastric distension
Causticum For piles, anal fissure, or for loss of voice
Chamomilla For the difficult baby with teething troubles, the infant who seems constantly at odds with the world, demands mother’s attention, and irritable adults
Cinchona To elevate mood
Cocculus For travel sickness
Colchicum autumnale For gouty, rheumatic complaints
Gelsemium To counter tension before examinations, stage fright, tendency to rely on alcohol to combat nervousness, rumbling dyspepsia.
Graphites For infantile eczema
Hepar sulphur For infantile eczema
Lachesis For those who wake up grumpy
Laurocerasus For emphysema
Lycopodium Cures a craving for sweet foods. Also for insomnia.
Natrum muriaticum For the backward child, for a craving for salt, migraine, guilty feelings and depression
Nitric acid For curing a craving for fatty food. Also for piles.
Nux vomica For the sort of cold that starts with a sore spot inside the nose, and the lumbago which is worse in dry weather.
Opium For strokes
Phosphorus For depression in intelligent people
Pulsatilla For catarrh, allergy, sneezing, bedwetting, single joint rheumatism
Rhus toxicodendron For rheumatism
Ruta For painful knees, or for failing vision
Sanguinaria For painful shoulder
Sepia For menopausal symptoms, palpitations, warts and the always tired
Silica For rough hands, skin problems, migraine
Sulphur For itchy skin problems and for piles
Tellurium For osteoarthritis in the neck or spine
Thuja For bedwetting
Valeriana For anxiety, mood swings or insomnia
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