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The other day I was supposed to cut out all sweeteners (sugar, honey, agave, coconut sugar and stevia) from my diet for 30 days. I tried the Whole 30 diet, mainly to change my eating habits. Although I eat very healthy, I thought it would be a good idea to cut out not only refined sugar, but also my natural sweeteners to challenge my sweet tooth. On day 5 of my challenge, I saw that the Luna Bars was on sale. Luna Bars are the most amazing “healthy” chocolate brownie type of bars. I knew the ingredients wasn’t allowed but since I am like 99% of people on planet earth, I LOVE chocolates and sometimes break the rules. What really struck me, was what I read on the back of the Luna Bar box:


Audrey: You taught me how to walk to the edge, listen to my heart, and choose with no regret. Thank you for believing in me. – Erica”

While I was feeling guilty eating the delicious “healthy” Peanut Caramel Cluster Bar (how can something with such a name really be healthy?!), I first thought it is a very soppy thing to ask at the back of a bars box. Then I got it. Isn’t this what we need to ask when we lose weight?

Who inspires you? Why do you want to lose weight?

Do you want to look like the shinny person you were before you hit your 30’s or became a parent? Or do you just want to look like Taylor Swift or James Dean? Whatever your answer, it is crucial in your weight loss process.

Rule 1

Who inspires you to lose weight? Get a picture. Stick it on your fridge and think about it before you open it to eat something.

Rule 2

Write down your goals. Work in 2 – 6 week goal frames. If you cheat, don’t worry, we all do. Just go back to what you want to do.

Rule 3

Love yourself. Kamal Ravikant picked himself off a suicidal bottom by constantly repeating “I love you” to himself. Charlie Hoehn cured his anxiety by using every moment he could to play. Who are these people? I don’t know, but they inspire me. If they can do it – I can too!

Yes, you can think yourself fat or skinny. Your brain speaks to your cells. When they feel loved, they shed weight. When you constantly criticise yourself, your body will not respond. I used to think the more I hate my body, the better results I will get because my body will feel that I am going to punish it until it do as I wish. That was my stumbling block. Look at yourself in the mirror and speak love and blessing over your body. Sounds funny? It’s crucial!

Rule 4

Get a partner. Get somebody who is on the diet with you or who supports you. It is very important. Always keep in mind to speak the truth – all the time. Don’t do what I do… sometimes sneak in the kitchen and eat something I’m not supposed to and think it is okay if I don’t confess it!

Rule 5

Have fun and surround yourself with fun people. This is not only important when you try to lose weight, but also in any other areas of your life.

I read this on the James Altucker blog:

“When people with positive energy are around each other, more energy is created.

More art is created. More innovation with more integrity with more opportunities. You literally can eat less if you are around people who are giving you energy and bringing you to a higher level.”

What knifed our ability to laugh and smile? The average kid laughs 300 times a day. The average adult, only 5. Do everything you can to create laughter for others, then even a bad day can show you its shiny side… and apparently it helps with weight loss.

Rule 6

Exercise. Yes, we do need to exercise if we want to lose weight. Dang! Unless you want to go on a fast… but that it not everybody’s cup of tea.

I like to walk, and I’m a mommy. Yes, I do the laundry, vacuum and dance with my kids in the house if they make me crazy. All good ways to burn those calories!

There are great online exercise programs that can assits you if you can’t run to the gym.

Rule 7

Get an eating plan! There are actually people who are obsessed with healthy food and trying out ways to make it yummy and fun. I am one of those. Try out the healthy recipes on this blog or just buy a good weight loss book. It will keep you motivated along the journey to have the body you’ve always wanted to have.

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