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Today, children’s food is big business and with its growth has come lots of potential problems for our this new generation’s health.

The food choices in most supermarkets are overwhelming. Being a mother myself, I know how challenging it is to make good food choices. It is always a toss up between budget, time-saving meals and trying to make healthy food choices on the run.

Despite living with an abundant food supply, it’s surprising to still see dietary deficiencies in some children. Even though children are generally getting enough food in total, they may be eating too many foods with poor nutrition quality, and not always reaching target for particular food groups and essential nutrients like iron, calcium and zinc.  This deficiencies not only affect their optimal growth and development in the short term, but can also increase their risk of lifestyle diseases in the future.

For children to develop properly, we need to know what are the good food choices for children.

Healthy food choices for children

  • Fruit – smoothies, fruit kebabs, dried fruit (sugar-free), fresh fruit juices, iced fruit lollies
  • Vegetables – carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, grilled vegetables, mashed avocado on toast
  • Nuts and Seeds – add to homemade biscuits or granola bars, lunchbox favorite
  • Legumes – great evening family meal
  • Whole grains – wholewheat wraps, pita’s or bread filled with healthy fillings
  • Rice cakes – great option for gluten-free diet
  • Fish – high in protein and omega’s
  • Chicken – try homemade chicken meatballs or healthy hearty chicken meals
  • Eggs – boiled, fried or poached

Tips for healthy mothers and children

  • Never let your child be in charge of issues related to food.
  • Remember that you feed them good food because you love them.
  • From an early age, try not to use food as a reward or punishment. This makes an emotional link to food from a young age.
  • Never replace good nutritious food with sweets or desserts simply to get your child to eat something. This happens quit often when children are sick and they refuse to eat something.
  • It is very important to educate your children about healthy eating from a young age.
  • When your children are invited to birthday parties or Granny’s house, make sure you feed your child well before he goes out. When they are full chances are less likely that they have much interest in any processed, sugar-laden foods on offer.
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