Hazelnut Fudge

Hazelnut Fudge - - hazelnuts, nut butter (I used almond butter), cacao paste (melted), cacao butter (melted), honey (you can add more if you want more sweetness), cacao powder, vanilla powder, Blend the hazelnuts in a food processor or put it through a juicer's (such as a Oscar Juicer)...

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Chia Berry Breakfast Bowl

Chai Berry Breakfast Bowl

Chia Berry Breakfast Bowl - - Chia Berry Porridge: chia seeds, almond milk, vanilla powder, raw honey, Greek yogurt, Sugar-free Berrylicious sauce: mixed berries (frozen, organic), strawberries (frozen, organic), cinnamon, orange (juiced), vanilla powder, stevia (to taste), Chia Berry Porridge: Mix the chia seeds with the almond milk, vanilla...

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