Chia Berry Breakfast Bowl

Chai Berry Breakfast Bowl

Chia Berry Breakfast Bowl - - Chia Berry Porridge: chia seeds, almond milk, vanilla powder, raw honey, Greek yogurt, Sugar-free Berrylicious sauce: mixed berries (frozen, organic), strawberries (frozen, organic), cinnamon, orange (juiced), vanilla powder, stevia (to taste), Chia Berry Porridge: Mix the chia seeds with the almond milk, vanilla...

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Healthy Goji Goji Lollies

Happy & Healthy Ice Lollies

Healthy Goji Goji Lollies - - pineapple, apple, carrot, lime, strawberries (frozen), goji berries (soaked in water), Juice the pineapple, apple, carrots and lime. ; Put the frozen strawberries and goji berries (include the soaked water as well) with the fresh juice in a power blender and blend until...

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Protein Super-Berry Smoothie

Protein Super-Berry Smoothie - - almond milk (unsweetened), blueberries (frozen), strawberries (frozen), banana (frozen), hemp seeds (shelled), chia seeds, baby kale (or spinach), cinnamon, stevia (to taste), Place all ingredients in your blender and blend until smooth.; Add more milk if desired.; - (nutrition-label)

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